As expected, Google just announced Google TV at I/O. There’s four billion TV viewers worldwide, making it the biggest market in the world, and Google’s after it in a big way — it’s a $70 billion ad market in the US alone, after all. According to Google, “video should be consumed on the biggest, best, …..

Google’s ever-expanding empire has added another branch: subsidiary Google Energy has been granted an order by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to buy and sell energy at market rates. Does this mean Google () is set to become your power company? Not yet — instead, Google wants more control over the high energy costs of …..

Google’s real-time search results, which include data from Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and other sources, has just added MySpace updates to the mix. That means that publicly available status updates, blog posts, and other MySpace data will now be included in the “latest results” area that now often pops up in Google search results when looking …..

Here’s a nice surprise from Google’s Maps team: Just like Gmail, Google Maps now also has the Labs feature (it’s the little green vial in the top right menu), which introduces experimental new features for you to try out. Right now, you can try out nine new features (all disabled by default): Drag ‘n’ Zoom …..

So what exactly is Google Buzz? Used on a PC or mobile, Buzz reminds us of an RSS combined with all of your social networking—all within the existing Gmail and infrastructure. Buzz’s five key features include: • Automatic friends lists (friends are added automatically who you have emailed on Gmail) • “Rich fast sharing” …..

Google Buzz has a big privacy problem. By default, the people you first follow on the Twitter- and-Facebook-fighting service are those you email or chat to most and they’re automatically added to your Google Buzz profile for anyone to see. Not so good if you’ve been speaking to someone you’d rather the world didn’t know about. When …..