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Facebook and Skype integration! That’s the rumor. But beyond the intermingling of two major tech companies, the important question is: how’s this going to affect you? Video Chat With Facebook Friends From Skype Just to be clear: this wouldn’t mean that you’d be able to Skype video chat through Facebook. Not yet, anyway. Instead, when …..

The Fall 2010 Xbox 360 dashboard update brings some sports, some Zune integration and a fairly sizable UI change. Here’s how it works. The video above gives you a good tour of what the updates bring. There’s the changed UI to match the flatness of Windows Phone 7 and Zune HD, the ESPN and Zune …..

The last few months have been phenomenal for Android fans, with Samsung’s Galaxy line hitting all four carriers and Verizon getting a few, new, better Droids for their customers. But which should you pick? It’s actually an easy decision.

Northern states (Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, etc.) in the US should be able to see the lights in the sky weather permitting. A solar flare is large explosion in the sun’s atmosphere that releases energy. A “solar tsunami” eruption of plasma on the surface of the sun will lead a shower of ionized atoms to …..

Nowadays you can get pretty much anything you want online, but what if you really want a burrito at three in the morning, or some hand-picked beets at three in the afternoon? There are a lot of ways to get good food out there, and the Internet is becoming an increasingly useful, and effective, way …..

Those wanton destroyers of super expensive, highly coveted technology are at it again — Blendtec took on the iPhone 4 with its storied device, and that sucker blended like one big, toxic, black, smoking smoothie. We saw Blendtec — a company that manufactures blenders and produces a series called “Will it Blend?” — demolish the …..